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We are passionate about design, branding and creative writing. Absolute Designs your captivating Virtual Assistant Service.

In the sharing economy today many are faced with rapidly changing technology and shifting industries. More than ever before having a recognizable brand is the key to not becoming digitally obsolete. Today's customers are focused on relationship building and brand loyalty more than ever. It is our mission to provide the platform from which your brand can grow in its individuality and make an impression on the digital world that is unforgettable.

Design, branding and content writing is about more than just a page on a website, it is the personality, spark, and core of what makes your company different from the world.

A brand is comprised of various visual elements that communicate value, price, and identity to a customer. Within the service industry, because there is no way for a customer to gauge the service before using it, customers rely on visual cues. These visual cues tell the customer whether the service will add value if their visual elements are impressive customers assume the service will be as well.

In the products industry, brand loyalty is the main goal. Customers want convenience, easy access to the information they need to make their purchasing decisions. Customers that are rewarded with great customer service and personal interaction are more likely to become brand loyal. Having a complaint dealt with effectively increases customer retention and switching. The product brand has to communicate an identity to the customer that they can identify with, that stands out and that is desirable.

Creativity is our passion, customer satisfaction our goal. We are passionate about creativity. We ensure only the very best work to be delivered.

In our dedicated team the #1 priority will always remain our clients, we strive to only deliver the best.

Here is a bit about
our Design team

We are passionate about creativity. We ensure only the very best work to be delivered.
Dedicated to brilliant design and creative writing.


Quick turnaround times, we prioritize to have all deadlines met with satisfied clients.
Our dedicated team wants to tell your story. Our clients come first.
Beat the status quo with us!

What our clients are saying:

  • Affordable, fast and great service!

    Affordable, fast and great service! Absolute Designs and Printing have provided me with design work, printing, calling of clients and services such as driving for collections or attending meetings when required. I highly recommend them! 😄

    Kerri-Ann Cross @ Edumatics


    Wow….. Good, professional and friendly service!!!! 10/10 from me!!!

    Charne Smit @ Atlantic Trailers & Kids' Little Kingdom

    Jolene is a fantastic VA!

    Jolene is a fantastic VA. What do I like the most? Her “can do” attitude, she is quick but precise. I can assure you that Jolene does not need to be managed or supervised in anyway. She works so well. I have a great amount of trust in Jolene. I never have to worry about the work she does, and how long it takes. She is great at prioritising too.  She is a quick learner and I have to add thats she’s great with IT. Whatever you choose to do, using Jolene will guarantee results for you. Since using Jolene my life has become less stressful and I thank her for that. 

    Christo Barkhuyzen @ macj2

    Excellent Service!

    Absolute Designs has previously helped me with designing my company logos as well as other aspects of designs like advertisements and business cards. Their service and quality is of the best standards and with the skills they possess they always make you feel very comfortable by knowing exactly what the customer’s needs are! Since I have used Absolute Designs  for my design aspects, I have always been at ease, knowing I will get what I need in the most efficient time-frame and highest quality. 

    Cobus Craig @ CCWB Construction and Plumbing